What age baby is this used for and what age can they start from?
0-3 years (typically the need arises after the first few months)

How effective is this on older humans as opposed to just babies?
For adults, toddlers and teens it works great as a background noise mask and to quite ones thoughts. I personally use it every new year's eve when the fireworks and party noises become too much to bare : )

I know the MP3 is designed to help them sleep through the night, but newborns and up to nearly 4 months aren't supposed to sleep through the night - they have to feed 3-4 hrly and move so they don't get flat spots or bed sores. what do you recommend for very young children? a time limit for listening or some other technique?
The sound track only has a gentle effect and cannot overpower baby's natural rhythm. Mothers that battle to get baby back to sleep once they finished feeding report that baby goes back to fall asleep faster after feeding.

What International Payment options are available?
  • Paypal – a highly trusted and safe method accepted word wide.
  • Credit Cards – Visa and Mastercard
  • Debit Cards (with expiry dates and CSV numbers)
  • Clickbank

Can I get the sound track in other countries?
Yes, because it is an electronic product, it can be purchased and downloaded anywhere in the world.

Am I allowed to burn the MP3 to CD?
Yes, the copyright allows the owner of a Instant Sleep sound track MP3 to legally burn 2x CD’s for personal use only.

How do I download the sound track?
Some intermittent internet connections may cause trouble while downloading the product. Please make sure that you follow the download procedure carefully – making use of the DAP download accelerator.

How do I burn a CD on my computer ?
Windows Media Player:

Launch Windows Media Player.

1. Click on File > Create playlist (Ctrl+N)
2. Add the Instant Sleep MP3 to the playlist
3. Click on the small arrow under the BURN tab to access the BURN dropdown menu > Select AUDIO CD
4. Insert a blank CD
5. Click BURN


How to write an mp3 CD with iTunes

Launch iTunes application
1. Click on File > Create playlist (Cmd+N)
2. Type a name for the playlist
3. Drag the Instant Sleep MP3 to the playlist
3. Select the playlist and make sure that the MP3 has a check-mark beside it
4. Insert a blank CD
5. Click Burn Disc
6. Select MP3 CD as the Disc Format
7. Click Burn

The CD will work in most set top CD players. Some older set top CD players struggle to read computer written CD’s. We do find that AUDIO CD’s are better compatible if written with NERO BURNING ROM (Installed on most computers) – The process is fairly simple and self explanatory.

How to add the mp3 sound track to your iPod with iTunes?
Launch iTunes application
1. Connect your ipod to your computer
2. Drag the MP3 to your iPod in the list of devices in iTunes

You are welcome to contact us if you need any further assistance

Do you offer a refund?
We regret that we had to discontinue giving refunds due to some individuals abusing this feature.

Does it work on I-phone or I-pad?
Yes - the sound track works on the I-phone or I-pad since it is a normal .MP3 that can be added to your I-tunes playlist. 

Here are the steps:

When finished downloading the .ZIP file you can unzip or extract it.
(see guideline here: https://www.maketecheasier.com/download-files-directly-into-your-iphone/)

Another OPTION is to drag and drop the MP3 file into your I-tunes on a desktop computer...and then sync I-tunes with your phone.

How is the Instant Baby Sleep sound track different from a noise generators?
The sound track GENTLY produces energy over the full audible spectrum (20Hz – 20KHz) and is adapted for human hearing, unlike noise generators the sound track works with an embedded pulse that gently eases the brain to the sleeping state also known as the Alpha state that induce drowsiness.
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