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Dear Affiliate marketer,

The Instant Baby Sleep (TM) sound track is known for easy conversions. This is a high-need product that sleepless mothers buy on the spot!

We pay out 75% commission.

A Conversion rate of 21.25% is achieved (measured from Order form impressions to Sales)

We have a long standing track record for excellent customer service and outstanding product quality. We are a business that operates with integrity and the highest professionalism.

Refund rate of less than < 2% measured in the past 6 months.

* Special note to Super Affiliates: This product is unique among competitors in that it utilizes a MP3 together with an Implementation E-book.

About the product package (MP3 and E-Book):

The Instant Baby Sleep (TM) System Includes
  • 60 min. Instant Baby Sleeop(TM) sound track .MP3
  • Implementation guide e-book (Implementation guide.PDF)
  • 11 Steps to sleep success (CHECKLIST.PDF)

A. Banner Ads & Product Pics: 

300 x 250 (As per Google requirements)
Instant Baby Sleep - Banner Ad 300 x 250
468 x 60 (As per Google requirements)
Instant Baby Sleep - Banner Ad 468 x 60
496 x 481 (Product Showcase)
Instant Baby Sleep - Product Showcase

B. Top Keywords: 

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C. Articles to use:

Instant Baby Sleep Articles

By Instant Sleep Team 26 Mar, 2016

If your baby is not sleeping well or waking up regularly, this article is for you.

The sleep routine of infants are important to understand because it’s the most important aspect to help a baby sleep now and also foster good habits as they grow up and become mature individuals.

Even at a matured age us humans live by routine. A child needs an established routine from early on. The great thing about routine is that every time you use the Instant Baby Sleep sound track as part of your   baby sleeping routine , it works quicker. The key word here is a sequence of events.

Example: 17:00 everyday is bath time, after baby has bathed he/she is dressed in pyjamas (sleeping clothes). The room is darkened if the sun has not yet set. Thereafter a sound-track like the Instant Baby Sleep may be played. Baby is comforted by mommy and falls asleep (this routine may differ depending on your situation).

Every time this routine is reinforced - baby will fall asleep quicker and more easily. That may sound idealistic but I can promise you if you stick to implementing the sleeping tips these following days - You will see a drastic improvement.

With practice and the use of the sound track as part of the sequence of events you will be very pleased with the ease that you can put your child to sleep.

The sequence of events helps baby to get into sleeping mode. These stimuli trigger the brain to ready the body for sleep. The child becomes relaxed and accepting. It is so effective that baby may even fall asleep before the full sequence off events has been completed - a good opportunity to teach them how to fall asleep on their own without forcing it or leaving baby to cry (a heartbreaking experience).

Start today, implement your unique sequence of events and stick to it. Interestingly, the Instant Baby Sleep sound-track also has an embedded pulse to lul baby into the sleepy brain state faster.

By Instant Sleep Team 27 Nov, 2015

If you are taking a long road trip with your child it is often difficult to follow your normal sleeping routine as described in Sleeping 

Tip 1: Routine. 

Because baby’s routine is “broken” and the surroundings is different to what he/she is used to – it may proof very difficult to put baby to sleep.

There is a real and working solution to put baby asleep quickly during a road trip. Don’t leave your home without it.

For the full article amongst others subscribe to Sleeping tips on the home page of

By Instant Sleep Team 27 Nov, 2015

From about 3 months and older your baby will have found some self calming devices like sucking his/her fingers. Mommy should make use of this.

It often happens that baby isn’t tired enough when it’s time to sleep. Mom may find herself very frustrated after struggling for some time to get baby to sleep without success. Don’t give up…

For the full article amongst others subscribe to Sleeping tips on the home page of

By Instant Sleep Team 27 Nov, 2015

Some babies may develop a pattern where they fall asleep easily but they also wake back up shortly after. This often results in mom suffering from sleep deprivation causing negativity and even depression. The average sleep cycle is 40minutes long. A light-sleeper may easily wake up at the turn of a sleep cycle. If baby wakes up earlier than expected, mom shouldn’t immediately pick him/her up. Leave the baby as is with the Instant Baby Sleep sound track playing…You can also use another technique to teach baby to skip a wakeup. If baby wakes up…to   help your baby sleep through the night.

* Get the full article, amongst other   baby sleeping tips ,   as part of the download:   Instant Baby Sleep Implementation guide and MP3 sound track.

© Copyright 2009 Instant Baby Sleep –

By Instant Sleep Team 27 Nov, 2015

Did you know that an infant’s brain is more active than a college student’s brain? Looking around and taking in surroundings trough the senses is how baby becomes aware of our world. This curiosity has its place but baby doesn’t know when to stop – haltering baby from falling asleep instantly. You can help your baby to fall asleep my means of Sensory Deprivation…

* Get the full article, amongst other   baby sleeping tips,   as part of the download:   Instant Baby Sleep Implementation guide and MP3 sound track.

© Copyright 2009 Instant Baby Sleep –

By Instant Sleep Team 25 Nov, 2015
Instant baby sleep sound track: Safe & Natural. A non-intrusive solution that can be implemented immediately (Instant MP3 download). It works fast and and is very effective. Schools make use of the sound track to put to sleep large groups of children ranging in age.

Other sleep solutions : is a good resource of articles and forums on the topic of baby sleep amongst others.

Baby feeding : Most mothers report that ‘n feeding precedes proper baby sleep. Numerous articles can be found with Google

Baby music (Lullaby music) . Music will get some children’s attention but will seldom put a baby to sleep. Lullaby music is great to teach a child appreciation for music from an early age but not for putting a baby asleep instantly. Lullaby music is widely available.

The no-cry sleep solution, Elizabeth Pantley . This book is available at Google books.

Sleep Guide for Babies and toddlers – Erica Nester . This book is about sleeping habits and baby sleep problems. Unfortunately not available online.

Sleep baby sleep ebook . Sleep baby sleep is a book available online at a cost of USD 24.95 USD. Effectiveness may be measured within 30 days.

Womb sounds (or heartbeat sounds) . Baby is now out of the womb and in the world. Simulating a womb experience is in my opinion trying to put baby “back into the womb” and will only work for a short period.

FUN Video:

D. E-mail Marketing:

If you have an e-mail database you can easily earn commission by sending out a marketing e-mail suggesting or reviewing the Instant Baby Sleep (TM) System.

You can use any of the articles (above) or copy and paste text to your e-mail from this page:

You are welcome to customize the text to suit your audience.

At the end of your e-mail you ideally want a call to action link that people can click to buy the product. Ie. “Click here to download”.

NB: This link must be your “Hoplink” so that we can allocate the sale to you as a referral and pay out your commission.

If you are unsure how to make such a link – please refer to Step 1-4 in the “New to Affiliate Marketing?” section below.

***E-mail marketing is very effective sales tool!

E. Customer Support

The Instant Baby Sleep (TM) website handles all customer support. Our automated website and quick responses has helped to make the customer experience very seamless.

F. Frequently Asked Questions (for Customers)

What International Payment options are available?
  • Paypal – a highly trusted and safe method accepted word wide.
  • Credit Cards – Visa and Mastercard
  • Debit Cards (with expiry dates and CSV numbers)
  • Clickbank

Can I get the sound track in other countries?
Yes, because it is an electronic product, it can be purchased and downloaded anywhere in the world.

Am I allowed to burn the MP3 to CD?
Yes, the copyright allows the owner of a Instant Sleep sound track MP3 to legally burn 2x CD’s for personal use only.

How do I download the sound track?
Some intermittent internet connections may cause trouble while downloading the product. Please make sure that you follow the download procedure carefully – making use of the DAP download accelerator.

How do I burn a CD on my computer ?
Windows Media Player:

Launch Windows Media Player.

1. Click on File > Create playlist (Ctrl+N)
2. Add the Instant Sleep MP3 to the playlist
3. Click on the small arrow under the BURN tab to access the BURN dropdown menu > Select AUDIO CD
4. Insert a blank CD
5. Click BURN


How to write an mp3 CD with iTunes

Launch iTunes application
1. Click on File > Create playlist (Cmd+N)
2. Type a name for the playlist
3. Drag the Instant Sleep MP3 to the playlist
3. Select the playlist and make sure that the MP3 has a check-mark beside it
4. Insert a blank CD
5. Click Burn Disc
6. Select MP3 CD as the Disc Format
7. Click Burn

The CD will work in most set top CD players. Some older set top CD players struggle to read computer written CD’s. We do find that AUDIO CD’s are better compatible if written with NERO BURNING ROM (Installed on most computers) – The process is fairly simple and self explanatory.

How to add the mp3 sound track to your iPod with iTunes?
Launch iTunes application
1. Connect your ipod to your computer
2. Drag the MP3 to your iPod in the list of devices in iTunes

You are welcome to contact us if you need any further assistance

Do you offer a refund?
We regret that we had to discontinue giving refunds due to some individuals abusing this feature.

Does it work on I-phone or I-pad?
Yes - the sound track works on the I-phone or I-pad since it is a normal .MP3 that can be added to your I-tunes playlist. 

Here are the steps:

When finished downloading the .ZIP file you can unzip or extract it.
(see guideline here:

Another OPTION is to drag and drop the MP3 file into your I-tunes on a desktop computer...and then sync I-tunes with your phone.

G. New to Affiliate Marketing?

Here follows a step-by-step guide on how to earn high commissions when selling the Instant Baby Sleep (TM) Package.
  • Commission – We offer a 60% sales commission.
  • Minimum effort with maximum results – This product sells like hotcakes! The first issue after labour is putting baby sleep – mothers in need don’t mind paying on the spot for a real working solution.
  • Established product and support.
  • MP3 vs. E-books – At the moment the e-book market is too saturated with every Tom, Dick & Harry writing e-books. The Instant Baby Sleep (TM) sound track is a MP3 download – something a mother can start using immediately to put her baby to sleep.
  • Contacts – you probably already have contact with mothers and babies. If you do not re-sell this product you are losing out on income and your friends are losing out on sleep.
  • Money back guarantee – the product owner offers a money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. However – to date – we have not received a single request.
  • A detailed and easy to follow marketing guide is made available to franchise owners
  • Pre-written articles / Sleeping tips / E-mails templates / Blog & Forum post templates are all at your disposal.
  • In other words, if you tackle this business opportunity with heart, mind and soul – you can only be successful.

What you DON’T need:

– No technical skills required
– No sales skills required

What you DO need:

– Excitement and energy to start this new business
– Contact with other mothers

* The easiest way to earn commissions on Instant Baby Sleep (TM) sales is through an Affiliate Network called ClickBank – It’s real easy to get started:

Step-by-Step setup (+- 3 minutes)

Step 1 – Register as an Affiliate with (It is free)

Step 3 – Enter your Nickname (as chosen in step1) requested. Ignore the tracking ID. Hit “Create”

Step 4 – Now you will see a generated LINK. Whenever someone clicks on this link and buys the product – we know you referred that person and we allocate your 60% commission.

Step 5 – Test the link in your Blog / Website / E-mail to make sure that it lands on the Instant Baby Sleep website.

Step 6 – Get your Paycheck from Clickbank > Paycheck

If you get stuck – no worries – Clickbank has a very good Help section. On the website – click on Help > Affiliate Help and then search your query.

H. To your Success

The Instant Baby Sleep (TM) team wishes all the success in your affiliate marketing efforts!

Please contact us if you need any help

(c) Copyright 2009 – Instant Baby Sleep (TM) System –
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