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Dear parent,

Are you looking for a real solution to put your baby to sleep fast? Is your baby waking up regularly? Not sleeping through the night?
We can help YOU with a real solution. It’s a fast, non-intrusive and natural solution:

* Instant baby sleep is currently the ONLY online solution that you can start applying within the next 5 minutes.

The RESULTS explained
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Product: Instant Baby Sleep MP3 sound track
What do you get?
Instant Baby Sleep MP3 Sound Track
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  • 60min. Instant Baby Sleep sound track (Sound track.MP3)
  • Implementation guide e-book (Implementation guide.PDF)
  • 11 Step to sleep success (Sleep Start Here CHECKLIST.PDF)
  • Introduction sound clip (Listen first.MP3)

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"Soothing sounds of the ocean"

Crashing waves have been know throughout history to relax the mind.

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Demonstration video - Falling asleep time may vary between 10 seconds and 15 minutes.

System requirements: 

All versions of Windows or Mac. Specific software: Any PDF reader & Any MP3 player like Windows Media Player or Itunes.

Delivery: Instant download (Available in all countries)

* Instant baby sleep is a complete system that includes everything you need to put your baby to sleep faster and to help baby sleep through the night.

One of the many mothers who regularly use the Instant Baby Sleep sound track reported a falling a sleep time of only 12 seconds. Now it is time for you to take action and be the mom (or dad) that will get your baby to sleep through the night.

We’d like to take your hand through the simple process and hence you’re welcome to contact our support line at any time : info@instantbabysleep.com 

A proudly South-African product!
A South-African product

"Un-Boxing" Instant Baby Sleep

Moms & Dads Testimonies 
of Instant Baby Sleep

Instant Baby Sleep Testimony 1
Thank you so much!! Thanks for helping me so quickly. Already used it 3 times today and worked wonders. Just 2 min. Couldn't believe it. It truly is a big blessing. Give me so much more time in the day to do things.
Elize Pretorius
Instant Baby Sleep Testimony 2
My 2 year old never slept trough, after using instant baby sleep the whole family falls a sleeps in minutes until the next morning. Best product I got my hands on, clears the mind, relax the body and there we go all fast asleep.
Corne Grobler
Mother of 2 year old + baby 5 months.
My 2-year old son was already fast asleep when I decided to get up and stop the sound track. When I hit stop my husband woke up and surprisingly said: ‘Please keep it on, it helps me sleep.
Mother wishes to stay anonymous
Instant Baby Sleep Testimony 3
My son fell asleep in my arms within 2 minutes. I love using the sound track.
Henrico Hanekom
First time dad.
Instant Baby Sleep Testimony 4
I use the soundtrack daily. Best time is 45 seconds from awake to asleep! Can’t imagine life without it.
Nelri Grove
First time mom with new born.
Instant Baby Sleep Testimony 5
My baby daughter was awake for the entire day and became difficult. While driving in the car from her grand parents we decided to put the Instant baby sleep sound track on as a last resort. It worked instantly. Amazing!
Janine Visser
New mother – first baby.
Instant Baby Sleep Testimony 6
I used the Instant baby sleep sound track to put my 1 month old baby daughter to sleep. Within minutes I noticed that my 2-year old son has ALSO fallen asleep!
Saneli van Niekerk
Mother of two.
I’m a kinder-garden / creche teacher and used the Instant Baby Sleep sound track to put to sleep a group of 30 x children within minutes!
Karien Raath
Instant Baby Sleep - Sleep Solution Testimonies
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Need more info?

Here follows a brief explanation of the amazing Instant Baby Sleep sound track that moms have been raving about:

Other qualities and characteristics:
  • Filters out house noises like phones ringing and doors slamming
  • May be used to put a group of children to sleep (Example: play group or creche)
  • Babies / adults hears and feels the vibrations from the sound track
  • Helps to lengthen sleep pattern
  • Prevents waking up during the light sleeping phase
  • Can be use safely in a motor vehicle to calm or put children to sleep.
  • The sound track can be used by anyone (mom / dad / baby sitter/ grandmother etc.) as no skills are required.
  • The child / baby falls asleep faster every time that the sound track is used
  • May be used for adults with insomnia or for “power-naps”
How does it work?

The sound track GENTLY produces energy over the full human hearing spectrum (20Hz – 20KHz) with an embedded pulse that gently eases the brain to the Alpha state well known for drowsiness and sleep induction. The amount of energy is controlled by the parent by means of the music players’ volume control.

The Instant Baby Sleep sound track is delivered as a internet download in a high-quality MP3 format and may be played back using a Stereo / Hi-Fi / Computer Speakers / Laptop / Car radio / MP3 player / Compact Disc player / Cell phone / I-pad etc. Purchasing the sound track includes a license to burn 2x CD’s for personal use. Most people use one CD for the home and one in a motor vehicle for road-trips.
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Instant Baby Sleep Info
Safe to use:

The sound track is a digital remodelling of a natural occurrence. It is completely safe to use for all ages of children. It is used by hospitals / play groups / doctors / paediatricians and nurses. We were happy to find out that the Instant Baby Sleep sound track is also used in a Neonatal I.C.U. We do suggest that the sound track is not used with headphones simply because it is difficult to judge the volume.

Tell me more…

The human senses (babies & adults) are subtly engaged as the vibrations of the sound track is heard and even felt by the person resulting in a naturally relaxed sate.

It is most effective with babies and children but may be used for toddlers and adults as well.

Efficiency is increased with repeated use as part of a “sleeping routine”.

Who created the Instant Baby Sound track?

The sound track was created by a professional sound-Engineer at the Megaphone Media recording studio in South Africa. Megaphone Media is a broadcast quality facility 
operating world class sound engineering equipment.

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Includes immediate download of .MP3 sound track and .PDF e-book

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